Build Social Signals

Have you seen posts that go viral on social media? It’s amazing how some posts manage to receive millions of hits within just a few hours. Although you can’t expect all your posts to become popular, be sure to take your time in optimizing your content and ensuring that your followers would find it valuable. Including images and videos can immensely boost your chances of amassing social signals. Not to mention, this can translate to more backlinks for your posts, which means better organic rankings.

Extend Customer Service

Online customers usually prefer communicating with brands via social media. For this reason, many companies have started to use their social media profiles to extend customer service. There is a great example shown when internet marketing Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Make it a point to respond to all kinds of feedback you receive, be it positive or negative. This shows that you care about your customers and that you are willing to settle any complaint they may have. Keep your response times to only a few minutes to earn the trust of your followers.

Dominate The Search Listings

Have you tried entering a brand name in Google? If so, you may notice that the number 1 position is usually the official website followed by the social media profiles of the given brand. This is exactly what you want to appear when prospective customers search your business name on Google. You must claim your business name on all the social media profiles so they show up on the first page, giving your business a huge boost in brand recognition. It pays to learn that online consumers have a tendency of trusting businesses that have a strong presence in the organic rankings as well as in the top social media platforms.

Expand Your Customer Base

If you already have a strong presence in the organic rankings, you must make sure that you also receive targeted traffic from social media. What is great about social media is that the users are already using the platforms. You simply have to tap them and lure them in toward your business page. One way to grow your followers is to look for relevant groups and participate in the conversations. You must also include social icons and sharing buttons on your website so online visitors can readily visit your social media profiles with a simple click.

How Social Media Profiles Give Your Business A Boost

By now, you probably know that you must establish a presence in social media platforms to promote your business. But are you simply using social media to jump on the trend? As a business owner, it pays to understand how much your social media profiles can influence your business. The different social media channels must not be used exclusively as a promotional tool. However, citations also help with online presence as shown by SEO Lafayette. Read on to learn more about social media marketing and how it can help boost your business.